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The harddance course is a great journey to develop your studio skills. In this course we’ll talk about every situation you’ll come across to create that perfect song without any mistakes. The course will be in class format. Each class will have a maximum of 6 students. Because of this our course is really exclusive.

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(beginners course)

• Duration of the course: 20 lessons of 3 hours (60 hours total).

The course will take 20 weeks of your life but it will stay with you forever.
The course will take place once a week on the exact same day and time for 20 weeks.


(advanced course)

Duration of the course: 20 lessons of 3 hours (60 hours total).

This course is for the more advanced producers. If you have experience with all techniques taught in year 1 you can join year 2!


Did you know our classical course price is +- 50% lower than private lessons anywhere in the market?! Because of the maximum amount of 6 producers each class you will still get the attention like a private lesson!


In the new curriculum of year 2 (advanced class) you will have amazing guest lessons and a press kit shoot!


In March/April we will start 2 classes a year 1 / beginner class and a year 2 / advanced class. Limited spots only so be fast!

Below you can contact us to registrate for year 1 or 2.

If we get enough registrations for an online class we will also start an online class


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• Basic workflow skills

We recommend you to have some basic workflow skills in your DAW before starting the course.
We offer DAW courses to gain your DAW skills in only 3 hours!


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NS Audio
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Alex

Inspiring day with great guidance and explainations to my questions. Thanks Ramon!

 by BoyV

I've followed both hard dance courses with Ramon as my teacher and what can I say...
It has changed me from a complete beginner into someone who knows how his daw works, how audio waves work, how you can create beats, distort the beats, create kicks, kick fx, knows how to write and polish melodies, do synth design, work with vocalists, process and implement vocals, create atmos, and the list goes on.
Basically, everything you need to know to create a track from start to finish, and not just knowing how to do it, but knowing how it all works. Knowing the theory behind everything you're doing.

I highly recommend anyone in the hard dance scene who wishes to up his/her game, or who would like to and have yet to become a music producer, to check this out.

 by H I T O K I R I

I did a couple courses from different artists and schools.
But if I am honest to you, NS-AUDIO isnt just a good school to get your lessons, no.. its by far the best!
Now maybe you wonder why? Let me tell you.
I was already making music for about 18 years when i came to ns audio. I made hiphop, edm and dance mostly but i wanted to try out hardstyle. I did make a couple amateur tracks in euphoric hardstyle and the day i joined my first lesson, I showed what i was able to make so far. What i made befor was nice, but i didnt get the kick right. Neither the quallity of my leads.

Now im writing this review which is about 1.5 year later. Thanks to ns audio, I released 4 tracks and 5 are on the way the next 4 months. Within basicly one year, Ns Audio was able to flip me around from hiphop (hardstyle wannebe) producer, to a hardcore/uptempo producer signed at a record label.

Very long story short, if you really want to get somewhere with your music and you want to learn some SERIOUS skills, ns audio is the place to be.
The teacher has knowledge about basically everything. No matter your style... if you came this far to read my full review besides all those amazing reviews already online here, seriously, your a legend. Now stop reading and order your lessons today. Thank me later!

👊😎 Hitokiri

 by Tjerk

Starting the harddance course was the best choice i have made in my carreer. When I started, I really didn’t know what I was doing and I couldn’t really finish tracks. After a very short time following this course, my production skills improved drasticly. Only after a few months where I got really positive feedback from respected artists in the scene like Adaro and Rebelion. After following the harddance course 1 and 2 (in the period of one year) I could release my first track on Most Wanted DJ’s label My Way. Only after one (!) year! Without the amazing teaching of Ramon this would not be possible. I think after all this time I can call Ramon one of my best friends and I’m 100% sure I will continue taking lessons from him for years to come! The stuff you learn inside the DAW but also on other aspects of being a hard dance DJ/Producer is simply priceless. Big 10/10 for this one!

 by Pieter

Last year I'd attend to a harddance course given by Ramon. Also I'm still having private lessons.

Before these lessons I was just doing some random sh*t hoping it would turn out well. During the lessons given by Ramon I learned a LOT about music theory and the way how you should approach making music. This helped me a lot with my workflow and understanding certain steps to create a track.

Ramon has the capabilities to make technically 'nerd talk' (how he describes it) easy to understand. He has a lot of knowledge about synthesis and how to create a certain kind of sound, and with that he can explain very well why he's 'turning the knobs'.

I can recommend the lessons given by Ramon to everyone who wants to learn make music step-by-step and with that also understand every step taking.


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