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NS Audio Courses
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 51 reviews
by Izak on NS Audio Courses

Great lesson, i learned so much from it. Now i can see how big producers make unique kicks. I recommend it, its incredible. Also all sample packs are great and if you want to take your songs to the next level you need them.

by JUAN LOCO on NS Audio Courses

Toen ik voor het eerst bij Ramon kwam wist ik eigelijk nog bijna niks van producen. Ik ben nu klaar met de privé course en een track van mij wordt binnenkort gereleased bij een label. Dit was nooit gelukt zonder alle hulp van Ramon!! Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik zo’n korte periode zo veel zou leren laat staan een nummer uitbrengen.

Thanks voor alle lessen en voor het lachen🤙🏼

by Rob on NS Audio Courses

Well, I was stuck on my track, so I was curious what NS could do for me. I booked a private lesson for 2 hours and was suprised what I learned. Ramon opened my eyes on a few things so that gave me direct inspiration to work further on the track, thanks!

by Lucas on NS Audio Courses

10/10 . I learned so much from the first lesson and will definately go for another one (and more). If you need to boost your skills or need some advices with a problem a 2h lesson is what you should go for. He will adapt to your skilllevel quickly and will explain everything very well.
I can also recommend checking out the samplepacks. Not only for the samples and presets, but also for the tutorials included.

by NFR on NS Audio Courses

I had my first lesson and it was really great. I send him a track which I have been stuck on and did not know what to do with it. He gave great input and gave me some much needed basic knowledge, which I have lacked. He is able to explain these things really well, so that I as a beginner could follow everything. After only 2 hours of working with him I see a lot of possibilites for my track which I have been stuck on for weeks. Especially important is that he has the insight of someone who works with crowds and understands what a crowd wants, something most of the beginner producers dont have due to lack of experience.

I highly recommend taking a lesson!

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